Deep Dish Quartz Banger 25 mm

The Vault BCN

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Our deep dish quartz banger is a reliable, budget friendly option with great performance and quality. 

  • The thickness of the quartz gives it great heat retention, helping you to get a smooth dab every time.
  • It's Flat Top Beveled Edge design, guarantee a perfect carb cap seal every time

Want to bring your banger to a sesh, on travels or a social club without worrying that it might break? Then this banger is the perfect choice.

QC (Quality Control):

All quartz is handpicked through our in-house QC, ensuring every piece is perfect.


  • Flat Top Deep Dish with Beveled Edge
  • Size: 25 mm Ø
  • Wall: 3 mm thick
  • Base: 4 mm thick
  • Joint: 10 or 14 mm (male)

Tip: For cleaning and daily maintenance we recommend Chaz Busters Q-Tips & DarkCrystal Clear Quartz Cleaner.

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Each quartz banger comes with a free pack of Chaz Busters Q-Tips.

* This product is handmade and slight differences from picture can occur.