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Keep your glass & bangers fresh with the new 710 mL size.

Nature's Cleaning Solution, Clear by DarkCrystal Glass:

  • Safe on Glass, Quartz, Acrylic, Titanium, Ceramic
  • Cleans Vaporizer Accessories (E-cig Tanks, Coils, Atomizers)
  • Emulsifies oil molecules reducing biological oxygen demand
  • Ingredients derived from renewable resources
  • Made from 100% plant based ingredients
  • A true non-carcinogenic green product
  • Contains no phosphates
  • Safe on the ozone layer
  • Pre diluted solution
  • Non-toxic and odorless formula

Quartz Soaking Agent
Soak your quartz in our solution to bring it back to life!

Resin Lifting Power
Watch it work!  Leave soaking until glass is clean and free of residue.

No Expiration Date
As long as the bottle is sealed solution will never expire!

Fully Reusable
Our product does not break down no matter how dirty it gets!

Hot Soaking Agent
Heat our solution for faster results! Place in microwave for 1-3 minutes or until boiling point.

Non-chlorinated Water, Karanja oil, Processed Coconut Extract, Processed Kelp Extract, and Processed Extract of Sugar Cane.


For best results, use with Chaz Busters Q-Tips

Additional information:

DarkCrystal Clear Instructions

DarkCrystal Clear MSDS - (Material Safety Data Sheet)