Mystic Timber Tools

Established in 2010, Mystic Timber is the creator of the original wood handled dabbers. Our one-of-a-kind, ergonomically designed dab tools are hand crafted by New Jersey Artisans to fit perfectly in your hand, as well as your needs. Available in your choice of four T2 titanium tips and 6 wood species.

Located in the rolling hills of Northwest New Jersey, Mystic Timber has more than 10 years of experience handcrafting smoking tools for individual and commercial clients throughout the world.

Deb and Bruce Jorgensen are the husband and wife team of artists behind Mystic Timber, leading a great crew of skilled craftspeople. The Jorgensen’s manage an expanding Mystic Timber product line to provide individuals, business customers and friends with artisanal smoking and vaping tools that are lightweight, beautiful, strong and hand friendly. As we like to say, they rock but they don’t roll.

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